Samar, an American Muslim woman of Pakistani descent, has recently moved back to Los Angeles after having lived in Dubai for over 10 years. She is currently studying Avicenna’s (Ibn Sina) medicine and the Prophetic healing methods. Her professional background has mainly been in teaching and tutoring children of multiple ages which she continues to do alongside her studies. However, the work she is most passionate about is her writings on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), much of which can be seen on her blog at She is also actively involved with the remarkable work produced by “” where Samar has played a key role in increasing their exposure in the UAE. Samar’s inspiring work on the Prophet (pbuh) has yielded significant feedback and encouragement from people around the globe. She hopes to take on more projects related to the Seerah and prophetic medicine. One such expansion was through her volunteer work at an underprivileged Pakistani school in Dubai where Samar taught students nutritional/holistic living from an Islamic prospective. The plan is to continue to develop her strengths in this area so that she can touch more lives with this powerful knowledge. Samar’s motto, one she practices whole-heartedly, is to be easy-going, lighthearted and family-oriented as it is key to a harmonious connection with people. For Samar, her ongoing travels throughout the world and acquiring knowledge in unconventional ways is what keeps the spring in her step!

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