Many of us have great visions and come up with creative ideas to help the underprivileged people of the world but often feel that we cannot reach our goals because we know we don’t possess the means to attain them.
Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said:
Sadaqah,’ (voluntary charity) is prescribed for every person every day the sun rises.’
One of his companions asked him ‘O Messenger of Allah, from what do we give sadaqah if we do not possess property?’
He (pbuh) said:
“The doors of charity (sadaqah) are takbir of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ (praising God’s Greatness), Subhan’Allah(glorifying God), ‘Alhamdolilah’ (praising the One and only God), ‘La ila ha illa La’ (stating that there is no God but God) (Allah), ‘astaghfir’ullah’ (seeking God’s forgiveness), enjoining good, forbidding evil, removing thorns, bones and stones from the paths of people, guiding the blind, listening to the deaf and dumb until you understand them, guiding a person to his object of need if you know where it is, hurrying with the strength of your legs to one in sorrow who is appealing for help, and supporting for the weak with the support of your arms. These are all the doors of ‘Sadaqah‘ (Ahmad) (source prophetic sayings.)
In other words, one does not need to have financial resources to earn the reward of this kind of charity (sadaqah). There are many deeds that qualify as sadaqah with God Almighty in addition to those listed above.
The following ordinary courtesies are also sadaqah if we do them with the intention of pleasing God Almighty.

·      To administer justice between two people is sadaqah.
·      To assist a man upon his mount so that he may ride it is sadaqah.
·      To place his luggage on the animal (mode of transport) is sadaqah.
·      A good word is sadaqah.
·      Every step taken toward prayer is sadaqah.
·      Your smile for your brother (mankind) is sadaqah.
·      Planting anything from which a person, an animal or anything eats is sadaqah.

There are numerous things one can do in order to attain God’s Pleasure in helping His creation. Lets try to follow the example of our Prophet (pbuh) and do as many acts of goodness as we can.We will never despair!
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