Among the many negative things that happen in the world, we cannot deny that they are all a part of God’s plan. Though it may be a difficult thing to go through sometimes you see the silver lining at the end. I am very proud of the Muslim organization called Celebrate Mercy. For those who do not know, this is an organization that has been established to celebrate the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life and legacy. It is an educational tool provided for us to help spread his message of peace and belief in One God.
I am very proud as a Muslim to say that this organization is collecting letters of condolences for the family of the slain Chris Stevens who was an American Ambassador to Libya. Within 72 hours of sending this request to followers, almost 5000 people have sent letters to this website and they have already gotten some recognition on CNN international news and BBC online radio. This kind of positive response from Muslims is very encouraging but not enough. I urge everyone to send a small note of condolences to the Stevens family to show (no matter what faith you are) that the loss of human life is a tragic loss.  Our Prophet (pbuh) always built bridges of understanding amongst all races and creeds and we should all aspire to follow his good example. 
Please send a small note to www.celebratemercy.com/Stevens
If you do not have time please cut and paste this following message:
Dear Family and loved ones of Chris Stevens,
We wanted to sincerely give our warmest condolences on behalf of the Muslim community all over the world. We are deeply saddened for your loss as Stephens was a friend of Libya and loved the Middle Eastern region. We condemn his killing and the vast majority of the Muslim community around the world also condemns it. This violent act goes against the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). We hope that God gives you hope and patience in this difficult time.
Your name here
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