Reviving the Sunnah of our Prophet (PBUH)


We are always racing in life to get things done and it just sometimes feels like we are running around in circles and getting nowhere. We run to buy the latest designer handbags, we need to be the first to see who is making the headline news today, and we have to be the first to watch the latest movies…. and the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong,  there  is nothing wrong with all of those things as I often see myself doing the exact same thing, but what I want to ask everyone is what are we doing with our time to revive the Sunnah (example) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)?

In the Quran (Muslim holy book), God repeatedly mentions and asks ‘mankind’ to follow and obey the example of our final Messenger (PBUH). Following him is obeying God and that would be our way to attain Grace from God and ultimately, Heaven as our abode. But what is ‘reviving a Sunnah’ all about?  Isn’t this life all about debits and credits? We do good, we do bad, we win, we lose, we rise and we fall. So why don’t we also make sure we revive a Sunnah that may be dormant in our lives in order to add blessings to it? Why don’t we rush to become the first to revive something that our Prophet (PBUH) was known to do?

As a Muslim, if you are not in the habit of praying your five daily ritual prayers (which happen to be obligatory), then you are also not following our Prophet (PBUH). Not only are you ignoring his example but you are also depriving yourself of your very own personal/private appointment with God Himself. In Islam, there is no intermediary between God and His creation. Our prayer is our direct connection to God. Our Prophet (PBUH) spent 23 years of his life to teach and spread the concept of faith in only One God. He is the reason we know that there even IS a God and he has shown us specific ways to conduct and live our lives in the best manner possible.

What can we do to revive his Sunnah and be the first to do so in our homes?

You can start by

Revive a sunnah by smiling at someone today!

Revive a sunnah by giving something from your time, money or  efforts to someone who needs it today.

Revive a sunnah by being moderate

Revive a sunnah and respect and be kind to your wife

Revive a sunnah and be mindful of God at all times and be present

Revive a sunnah and care for mankind and the planet

Revive a sunnah by praising God

Revive a sunnah by eating with your right hand

Revive a sunnah by drinking honey  (honey has healing qualities).

Revive a sunnah by  cleansing your body before you pray

Revive a sunnah by caring for mankind

Revive a sunnah by hugging an orphan child

Revive a sunnah by being positive

Revive a sunnah by swallowing your anger

Revive a sunnah by being merciful to those that wrong you

Revive a sunnah by accepting God’s Divine Decree

Revive a sunnah by believing in Him

Revive a sunnah and love for your brother what you love for yourself

See how easy it is to take a moment to add blessings into your life with just a few simple things. Intention is everything! Next time you do something good, remember that you are ‘reviving the sunnah’


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3 Responses to Reviving the Sunnah of our Prophet (PBUH)

  1. samark says:

    I would like to ask my viewers what sunnah have you revived lately?

  2. Bint e Ahmed says:

    assalaam o aliakum wrwbwm,
    i hope you are in the best of health by the grace of Allah subhan wa taála, samar, i really loved the concept and specially the enthusiasm behind this, may Allah accept you with His kaamil raza and bless you with a lot of barakah in your ilm and amal. i won’t take much of your precious time and come directly to my query ( or you can simply call it a humble request ).
    Basically I wanted to use the written material on your blog and print it in a pamphlet, for a similar cause, therefore I wanted to ask for your permission. If you are comfortable and can give me your email address I’ll in shaa allah explain you the whole thing,but if you are not and want to know more, I can write here as a comment, whatever is convenient for you.
    please inform me if I can copy paste your written matter and use it.
    jazakumullahu khairan ahsan al jazai fi darain
    taqabbal Allahu minki
    remember me in your prayers
    bint e Ahmed

    • Samar says:

      Please can you send me more information in this email and about the pamphlet. I dont mind if you cut and paste as long as you give me credit with my name.
      Samar Malik

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