To Know Him is To Love Him (S); A Portrait of A Prophet (S)

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Southern California is about to be blessed once again for the Second time! CelebrateMercy proudly presents two amazing programs.

1.Benefit Dinner with esteemed speakers and light entertainment with nasheeds at the Garden Grove Lawns in a tent under a starry night on December 6th 6:30pm onwards.

2. The second program is the”Portrait of A Prophet”, a study of the Prophet Muhammad’s (S) hadith on his personal traits, characteristics and looks. Dec 5th night(7pm-9:30pm) , Dec 6th (9am to 4pm)  and Dec 7th( 9am-6pm) also at the Garden Grove Mosque upstairs in their musallah room.

Many of you have asked me what “Shama’il Class” is? Please take a few minutes to read up about it. Before you know it, this weekend will be over and you may regret missing the opportunity to get to know God’s Beloved the way He wanted us to know him.

On December 5-7 in Garden Grove, California, Shaykh Hassan Lachheb will lead students on a beautiful journey: an intimate study of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s). He will read and provide commentary on the famous ‘Shamail of Imam Tirmidhi’, a classical text of nearly 400 hadith describing the Prophet Muhammad (s). Chapters include his physical appearance, his character, how he worshiped, how he spoke, how he ate, and his final moments. Students will be given copies of the text, in Arabic and English; sessions will begin with beautiful songs and poetry by visiting performer like Mouaz Al-Nass. On Sunday, Shaykh Hassan will issue students a formal ijaza: a traditional certification given from teacher to student for over 1,000 years since Imam Tirmidhi. Most importantly, previous students of this course would agree that by the final chapter, you will fall more deeply in love with the Prophet, hopefully painting his Prophetic Portrait in your heart forever.


SHAYKH HASSAN LACHHEB is completing a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies at Indiana University. In 2000, he completed his Masters with Honors in Islamic Theology, Islamic Legal Theory, and Maliki Fiqh from Dar al-Hadith al-Hassaniyyah in Rabat, Morocco. He also earned a Bachelors degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Shaykh Hassan has extensively studied several Islamic disciplines, receiving many Ijazaat (licenses to teach).

Currently, he resides with his wife and three children in Knoxville, Tennessee where he teaches at the University and serves as the Muslim community’s Scholar-in-Residence.

If this interests you then go to to get your seats now.

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