Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him)

Why I chose to write this blog is because I want you, the reader to be informed. I am a Muslim and a believer in One God and all of the messengers that God has sent to help spread His Word.  From Adam, Noah, David, Abraham, Moses, Jesus(peace be upon them) and many in between them to finally Muhammad(peace be upon him) who was the last messenger of His Divine Message. Most of these messengers were basically all given the same message about spreading the fact that there is only One God and that there are no partners associated with Him. God is ‘Allah’ in Arabic. It is the same God that Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus(pbut) believed in. If you believe in any of the above prophets then we all share the same belief that there is only One God and one message. Where we may differ is that the last and final messenger was Muhammad (pbuh) as mentioned in the passages of the Quran. He came to all of mankind as the final messenger and was not created for only the Muslims. He was sent to spread God’s message to all of mankind and yes that includes you too!

How do I know this? Well if you know anything about Islam, then you would know that the Quran which is the Muslim’s Holy book is a book that has been revealed from God through Angel Gabriel, the same angel who brought the Psalms, Torah and Gospel. This time Angel Gabriel revealed the message to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) with God’s permission. The Miracle of the Quran is that it was revealed about 1433 years ago and to this day not a single verse has been changed or omitted. It has been memorized by many people ever since it was last revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). God mentions that the message has always been the same from the beginning of time and how mankind has abrogated and changed the message to suit themselves in previous times. God in the Quran, completes the previous messages and perfects it for all of mankind in order to unite us all under One God one belief and one way. God promises us in the Quran that He will preserve the actual Quran in its original form till the end of Times. You will find every Quran in Arabic to be exactly the same and unadulterated. That is the biggest proof of its Divinity and originality. Check out the link below for a good translation of the entire book in easy English.

I would love for you to get to know more about this great man Muhammad(pbuh), the more you would learn the more you would fall in love with him. He truly is a ‘Mercy to all of Mankind’ as God mentions in the Quran in chapter 21:107

“We sent thee not, but as a Mercy (Arabic: Rahmat) for all creatures”Quran link:
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