Why was Muhammad (peace be upon him) sent as a mercy to all mankind? God could have sent angels to this world to tell us about His existence but then we as humans would not know how to live and work in society in the right way.  Who would be our example and who would show us the straight path? God is all knowing and all merciful and Mercy is one of His best traits. He sent the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)to us so we as humans would have a living example of a human showing us how to live.  Muhammad (pbuh) was the most tolerant and compassionate and loving of all human beings. Because of his beautiful relationship with God, he aspired with tremendous efforts to make sure that everyone that he encountered or came across was met with the best courtesy and respect. If you had the honor and pleasure of being in his company he would make you feel as if you were the most important person in the world.
Muhammad (pbuh) was given the most difficult task about 1400 hundred years ago and that was to share with humanity the oneness of God. It was a time in Arabia when there was heedlessness, ignorance, debauchery and corruption and too much time had passed since Jesus(pbuh) had sent his message and people were morally at an all time low. At that time God sent Muhammad (pbuh) as His mercy to mankind to show us how to live mercifully with compassion and love. His life’s mission was to make sure that we were told the truth so that we were not led astray. He endured almost every kind of difficulty that a man can go through just to get the Word to us and to save our souls from following the wrong. He lived his life in accordance to God’s will to teach us and share with us everything he knew. His days and nights were spent worrying and praying for his people. Will we give thanks? Will we try to get to know him better? Will we aspire to be more like him? Will we share his story to others? Do we know anyone who sacrifices his whole life for others?……will be sharing more examples of his life…..stay tuned…
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