God Almighty said, “And We have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds”
Chapter 21:107 Quran
The Prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon him) was sent to us by God as a mercy to mankind; believers, non-believers, hypocrites, men, women, children, animals and all of His creation. There are numerous stories and examples in history of his love and kindness, justice and compassion, honesty and the infusion of dignity to people around him.  I truly wish that he was an entity known by all today. He not only showed his mercy to the people of his time but he often cried for the people that were to come after him. His love for humanity extended through time and he prayed to God for our salvation.
In the early years of his Prophethood, Muhammad (pbuh) was severely persecuted and treated with cruelty by his opponents in Mecca. This never diminished his resolve or his compassion towards the ignorant men of his time.  His companions felt for him and asked the Prophet (pbuh) to curse the enemies at hand but the Prophet (pbuh) never cursed them. Infact, he would do the opposite and always pray for their guidance. Once when the Prophet (pbuh) was in the city of Taif to call people to Islam, his opponents had brutally stoned him to the point that he was bleeding and in great pain. At this point the angel Gabriel had asked the Prophet (pbuh) for whatever he wished for and they said that if he wanted they could crush the area between the two mountains and finish off those people. The Prophet in his infinite wisdom instead asked for no such revenge but prayed. “Oh my Lord, guide my people along the true path as they are ignorant about the truth.” He knew that maybe one day true believers would come out of this very town that had abused him and he did not want to hurt them. How merciful and forward thinking was he?
Muhammad’s (pbuh) mission was to bring people in touch with the reality that all men and women, be they from different race, creed, caste, or culture etc. were actually like each other’s blood brothers. He said, “You are all Adam’s offspring and Adam was born of clay.” His vision and hope for us was to see people as our spiritual brothers and sisters which in turn would promote love, peace and tolerance between one another in order to establish a peaceful world.
My hope is that we will read about the life of this beautiful man and how he spread love and fought for what is right and established a nation that believed in one God in a matter of 23 years. Today we have over a billion and half Muslims because of the sacrifices of this one merciful man. Lets share his mercy!


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