My wonderful friend Yasemin sent me a link to a life enhancing discussion on Oprah Winfrey’s Show hosted in Canada on “gratitude”. Every aspect of that show paralleled the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He brought us the same message of ‘gratitude to God for every state we are in’ about 1433 years ago. Our Faith taught us this and it is a shame that 1433 years later us Muslims have not passed this down to our fellow human race. Why was there not a single Muslim on the panel of experts that talked about gratitude that my Faith teaches me? I couldn’t help but feel sad. I can think of so many experts that I could have recommended for this show but why doesn’t anyone know about them. I felt like my faith was highjacked. Why were we not in the lime-light? Isn’t this the subject that is so near and dear to our heart yet Oprah could not think of a single Muslim expert to invite for her show?
The problem is that we are not truly grateful and we need to be grateful and share that gratitude that God sent to us so long ago. We are the pioneers of these teachings, we as Muslims have been gifted with the knowledge of having ‘gratitude’ and how it can open up God’s abundant blessings for us. Why are we not sharing this with our fellow human race? We know it, we see it and we’ve share it within ourselves but why are we not sharing our heritage with all.
We need to speak up and do our part. We owe it to our Prophet (pbuh) and we owe it to ourselves. We the Muslims have to share the great knowledge that we have been entrusted with and open the doors of communication. We live in the era of virtual information. We need to share. We need to be known and we need to engage into mainstream society and share it before its too late and our belief is taken away from us. We need to wake up!
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