“Non-Muslims may find it a useful introduction to both Islamic faith and practice. Throughout these sayings, the focus is on illustrating the Prophets(pbuh) guidelines for leading life as individuals and communities. Some of his teachings are inevitably specific to the Muslim community, such as those that deal with the articles of Islamic faith and the Hereafter. Strikingly enough, most of his teachings are marked by a broad, general outlook, asking Muslims to lead their lives as part of a wider community of men and women, whom, irrespective of their faith, are all servants and creatures of the One True God. Equally valid and relevant is the Prophet’s wisdom for non-Muslims as well.  Any reader who is not of the Islamic faith will be struck by the Prophet’s (pbuh) universal message and his sincere, genuine concern for the welfare and happiness of humanity at large.”
–Abdur Raheem Kidwai
    July 2009
Prophet’s (pbuh) selected sayings:
·      “ God! Purify my heart of hypocrisy, my actions of pretence, my tongue of lies, and my eyes of deception. For You know well the deception of the eye and all that is concealed in the heart.”
·      “Avoid suspicion , for suspicion is often baseless. Do not spy on each other. Do not probe into the affairs of others. Nor indulge in worldliness or jealousy. Do not bear the grudges against each other. Nor betray anyone. Rather lead your lives as servants of God and live as brothers.”
·      “In both your private and public life you should always fear God. Piety should inform your conduct. Your good deeds will help in getting your sins forgiven. Treat people well.”
·      “Anyone who has these three traits is definitely a hypocrite: 1. He tells a lie whenever he says something: 2. He does not keep his word whenever he makes a promise; and 3. He cheats when a trust is placed in his care.”
·      “Follow the middle path. Taking up what is beyond your capacity will only bring shame upon you.”
·      “Faith in God guides humanity to give up all that is vain and trivial.”
·      “Anyone who curses others is cursed himself.”
·      “Wealth does not consist in abundant provision and plenty of goods. A truly rich person is content, enjoying peace of mind.”
·      “Do not treat any good deed lightly. It is part of good manners to receive your brother or friend warmly. The same holds true for doing them a favor, no matter how small it may be.”
·      “Fear the appearance of such eloquent orators in your midst whose speech will be marked by profundity and high morals yet their deeds will reek of evil and wickedness.”
·      “Do not be like those who are good only to those who are kind to them. Do not wrong him who wrongs you. You should be kind even to those hostile towards you. You should not follow them in their wrongdoing.”
·      “Charity does not decrease one’s wealth. Nor does humility lower ones prestige. If one acts humbly for God’s sake, then God will certainly raise one’s rank.”
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