Bashar Al-Assad,
You have the privilege to be the Ruler of a Nation called Syria that has so much history and beauty. Yet you claim to be a Muslim and you rule with an Iron thumb? Where is your Islam and where is your humanity? Are you not from the Ummah of Rasul Allah (nation of Muhammad pbuh) Where does your ideology come from and where do you get your authority from? Are you from the Ummah of Pharoah or Hitler? Are they your heroes? Have you not seen the end of those that opposed God and His people?
You oppress!
You suppress!
You depress!
You Torture!
You kill!
And you are okay with this?
Don’t forget Al- Assad you will not be resurrected under the umbrella of our Prophet(pbuh), You will have your day and the Lord will have no Mercy as He is Al- Adl (Just) and His Divine Justice will prevail.
So do what you do but remember the day will come when the souls of the 30,000 innocent victims will surround you and suffocate your neck and the burning of your mortal frame will reject you and complain to God for what you made it do.
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