We must show gratitude to all of our teachers and masters who have passed on their infinite wisdom down to us. We are a people that have been trapped in a time where the lines of good and evil are blurred by mankind’s own desire to want in this world. We must look beyond this world and its deception and aspire to be elevated from our lower selves to a higher state in order to honor those who led us righteously in the past. We owe thanks to all of our Prophets, scholars, mentors and teachers.
·      We thank Adam (pbuh) for teaching us how to repent in front of our Lord and turning only to Him.
·      We thank Enoch (Idris pbuh) for truthfulness and teaching us how to write.
·      We thank Noah (pbuh) for giving us guidance with an excellent speech.
·      We thank Abraham (pbuh) how to have faith in the Oneness of God. He was the forefather to the Jews, Christians and Muslims.
·      We thank Lot (pbuh) for teaching us how to be righteous while living in the midst of the unlawful.
·      We thank Jacob (Yacub pbuh) for teaching us patience and trusting in God in the face of suffering.
·      We thank Job (Ayub pbuh) for also teaching us the ultimate patience while experiencing severe pain.
·      We thank Moses (pbuh) for teaching us God’s law and abiding by it with faith.
·      We thank David (pbuh) for teaching us how to praise our God.
·      We thank Solomon (pbuh) for his wisdom and spiritual insight.
·      We thank Jonah (Yunus pbuh) how to glorify God and ask for repentence.
·      We thank Jesus (Isa pbuh) for teaching enlightenment and compassion for humanity.
·      We thank Mother Mary (Maryam pbuh) for being an example of courage, piety and innocence.
·      We thank Buddha (pbuh) for teaching enlightenment, awakening and serving humanity.
·      We thank Krishna for teaching us devotion to the one Supreme Being and to be dutiful to Him.
·      We thank Guru Nanak (pbuh) for teaching us peace, compassion, righteousness and belief in one God.
·      We thank Muhammad (pbuh) for being a mercy to all of mankind and bringing with him God’s Word to spread the Oneness of God and to only submit to Him.
The Quran states about Muhammad in verse 33:40 which refers him to be the last in the line of all of the prophets that came.
“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and the seal of the Prophets and God has full knowledge of all things.”
And last but not least we thank God for sending us good guidance along the way.

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